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Printing Solar Panels in the Backyard

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Shawn Frayne and Alex Hornstein, two young inventors based in the Philippines, are taking their passion for clean free energy and developing a way to make it accessible and cheap for everyone. These guys are working tirelessly to provide a product that could be used by practically anyone to make homemade solar panels. The factory is small enough to fit on a …

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GGG Featured Product: Projecta Folding Solar Panel Kit

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Travel Friendly Solar Panel Kits Projecta’s Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kits feature a frameless design that folds up into a compact 36cm x 50cm bag. Weighing only 5–7kg, the panels are housed in durable canvas making them travel-safe and easy to pack into yourboot or trailer. A hard fibre glass backing allows the panels to be angled towards the sun for optimum …

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Solar Panel buying guide

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Energy is required in every sphere of life, be it in industry or at home. For many years, energy has been derived from burning fossil fuels, but this resource is not inexhaustible, and concerns have arisen about the fuels running out. Moreover, burning fossil fuels is not environmentally friendly, because it generates CO2 emissions that pollute the air and eventually …