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Headlight Options Explained: Halogen vs. Xenon (HID) vs. LED

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What we regard now as common things were sometime major technological achievements. There were times when adding a simple bolt or altering the shape of a certain component led to significant innovations which, years later, served as basis for more advanced projects. Let’s take headlamps for example. Although the whole automotive industry uses them, only a few people actually know …

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GGG Scoop: A new evolution in LED Camp lights

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Time for something new; (Giveaway competition at the end of the article) Camp light solutions have evolved a lot in the last few years and LED camp lights have been a clear winner. From flexible weather proof packs to the rigid LED strips made famous by Korr. Now John from Lightstorm L.E.D has taken camp lights to the next level with …

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Led Camp Light – Product Review

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For a safe and comfortable camping trip, good campsite lighting is essential. There are a number of lighting options available but getting more light has a challenge. How to get more light but with less insects? LED Camping Lights!  1: Attract less bugs and insects One of the biggest challenges of using lighting at night-time almost anywhere in Australia is attracting bugs …

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Light Bar comparison test

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Stay tuned for a light bar show down. Baja Designs, Great Whites, Sniper and more. Stay tuned for the results, who do you think will come out on top? We have upcoming review taking in a number of leading brands in an offroad one on one comparison test. One of the core myths we intend to deal with is that …

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Great White LED Light Bars

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Taking a bite out of the LED Light Bar Market Great Whites LED Driving Lights launched in March, receiving intense interest from OE manufacturers and Auto Electricians servicing Truck Drivers and Owners, 4×4 Enthusiasts, and more! Various bull bar manufacturers are keen to start designing around the Great Whites Bar Driving Lights as their flexibility allows them the unique benefit …