jts and ozpig #jtscamping

The versatile Ozpig cooker/heater was designed and developed by a husband and wife who have always loved camping and the spirit of adventure. It remains a family owned, Australian Company based in Queensland, Australia.

2. Char-Grill plate & drip tray

The Char-Grill plate makes number 2 because in my opinion nothing beats the authentic wood fired flavours for steak and other meats. The enamel coated cast iron is easy to clean and the drip tray prevents any fats dripping onto the surface of your Ozpig.
Flame cooked T-Bone … try it for yourself.


4. Offset Chimney

The Ozpig “Chimney offset kit” enables the Ozpig to be under an awning whilst the flue is up and away from the canvas. The Chimney kit is also a great accessory for those who love to use the pig on the patio at home. The Ozpig offset chit kit consists of two upright sections and one section with a 45 degree bend.
Take control of your “pig placement” with the Offset Chimney kit.

1. Ozpig Extension legs

Probably the most humble and the most popular of the the Ozpig accessories. TheĀ 200mm long extension legs bring the cooking surface up to waist height (no more bending). Like most of the Ozpig accessory range they unscrew to fit neatly inside the barrel for easy storage.

The extension legs are also one of the must have items to make your ozpig safe to use in fire ban area’s

3. Ozpig fire door

The Ozpig fire door closes completely while providing a balance of ventilation. It allows you to have the pig cranking whilst removing the risk of embers or burning wood from falling onto the ground or your timber deck at home.

The fire door is a must have component for making your pig safe to use in high rick fire environments.

HOT SCOOP – (The fire door is currently being re-designed, we have seen the prototype and it looks fantastic with a new feature that we can’t tell you about yet.)

5. Pig Pen Enclosure

The Ozpig “Pig Pen” is made from powder coated steel and is quick and simple to erect. This is the perfect safety accessory for both parents or for when you might have a few “champers” in good company when many friends are gathered.
The pen consists of four uprights that can be either left to free stand or be pegged in place. The pen also includes a neat travel bag so you take your pen with you when you go travelling.

The full range of ozpig accessories are available from Jamie’s Touring Solutions. Speak with the people who not only know the product but use it and love it.www.jtsonline.com.au