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Re-invent the humble tent peg

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The German award winning “Peggy Peg” is now brought to Australia and NZ with the Australian team from Lock Down Fixings.

The Peggy Peg returns policy is quite simple, If you are not completely happy with the products they will refund you.

The Peggy Peg  range  of screw in tent pegs and awning accessories are available in 16 countries world wide and proving very  popular in all areas of camping and 4 wheel driving.

There is a Peggy Peg for all ground types from soft sand, soil, hard packed red dirt to stoney rocky ground. Screw in tent pegs, awning and annex ground plates, and tarp clamps completes the range making it a must have for your camp box.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the pegs are five times lighter than a conventional metal peg but  with ten times better grip! They are made from UV resistent Fiberglass or Aluminium they can be screwed in by hand  or by Cordless drill. The full range of Peggy Pegs cover all eventualities and ground conditions.

The peggy peg comes in a full range from a single peg to complete kits.

FIX & GO KIT RRP $86.99

Pack Contents: 2 Fix and Go plates, 6 Small pegs, 6 Standard pegs, 2 Large plastic pegs, and 1 Combo tool.

The fix and go pack is the perfect kit for trailer tent, caravan and RV owners. It comes with all you will need to secure your awning or annexe. The pack contains 2 fix and go plates, 6 x small pegs, 6 x standard pegs, 2 x large plastic pegs, and 1 x combo tool.

The Peggy Peg “Fix & Go” is designed to fit the awning legs or annex tent poles to fit directly into the well and secured in place by siding the one way release ratchet clips into place. Each Fix & Go allows for up to 6 standard Peggy Pegs or 4 standard and 2 large pegs to secure it to the ground.

For more information on the pegs see the products page for each peg size.

GGG New Buy Online system

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Simply fill out the form below and an independent distributor of Peggy Peg will call to take your order. No more impersonal service and trusting your credit cards to the internet.

The Get Good Gear team are bringing back personal service to online purchasing

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