How to restore your cast iron BBQ plate with COKE

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After big rains in our area I finally got a weekend off and started to clean up the shed from ground water flood damage.

Everything was going according to plan when I opened up the camping box.. Water had got in and rutted the BBQ terribly.

Anyway after a shout out to a few facebook groups a lot of people mentioned using coke… being a little sceptical I thought I would give it a go and this was the result.

Coke Life might be 35% less Kj’s but it still eats rust like battery acid .. crazyness : 4wd news, product reviews and comparisons


  1. Brett

    Clean a bbq plate with coke???? Why the hard work and wasting coke? Use hydrochloric acid to clean the BBQ plate just place it on a dead flat surface and pour on the acid. Then sit back and drink the coke. Once coke is finished tip off the acid and pour on a little more and let sit for 15 minutes while you get ready for BBQ. Then just wash off. You were doing to much hard work Coke coast a lot these days

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