How To Turn A Beer Can Into The Only Camping Stove You’ll Ever Need

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How To Turn A Beer Can Into The Only Camping Stove You’ll Ever Need from Tom Allen on Vimeo. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received on my travels is a stove made with nothing but a drinks can and a knife. In this video, we’re going to learn how to make it. The stove runs on alcohol, of …

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A Young Boy Dedicates A Heartfelt Song To His Sister With Down’s Syndrome

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This girl called Sarah Grace was born with Down’s Syndrome and sadly struggles to be accepted.  After her brother witnessed what she has to go through he decided to make a special video just for her. This is an amazing and beautiful gesture for such an inspirational little girl.

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JTS Bluetooth Portable Speakers

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This product from JTS Online is the ingenious combination of a wireless Bluetooth speaker/hands free phone device, a battery backup charger, FM radio and Micro SD card music player. The audio quality is sensational considering it’s size with dual 3W speakers. Operation is made easier with helpful voice prompts, we even customized the voice so that it sounded Australian! The …

Dingo: Wild Dog At War

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When you have a spare hour, this documentary is well worth a watch. A well rounded story on dingoes in Australia discussing the role they play in the food chain, and whether farmers and dingoes can live harmoniously on the same land. Can you believe there are 15 million wild cats roaming Australia?!! (Credit to Melanie Galea) As aired on …

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Don’t buy a diesel chip until you watch this!

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NEED MORE POWER AND BETTER FUEL ECONOMY FOR TOWING, TOURING OR 4WDING? Roo Systems chip & exhaust packages are proven to deliver up to 35% more power and torque, and improve fuel economy by up to 15%. Our exhaust systems are mandrel bent and made from 409 stainless steel which has superior corrosion resistance and heat cycle tolerance. They are all …

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iCutes Mini Speakers

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CONNECTABLE, COLLECTABLE, HOURS OF PLAY   If you love listening to and sharing music on your phone, tablet, MP3 player or laptop you can’t do much better than the golf ball sized iCutes for an unbelievably powerful sound that lasts for hours and hours. They’re also perfect as a hands free for your mobile. These cool little iCutes pack a punch …

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Amped up sound, toned down size for presentations, excursions and impromptu dance parties. The Rock Out 2 Portable Speaker amplifies tunes from your MP3, phone or laptop for over 20 hours without draining battery power from your device. DarkBass Technology Innovative chamber delivers precise, high-quality sound every time Designed for Outdoor Adventures Rugged, water-resistant shell protects the speaker and your …

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Solar Panel buying guide

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Energy is required in every sphere of life, be it in industry or at home. For many years, energy has been derived from burning fossil fuels, but this resource is not inexhaustible, and concerns have arisen about the fuels running out. Moreover, burning fossil fuels is not environmentally friendly, because it generates CO2 emissions that pollute the air and eventually …

The Offroad Adventure show and Hannibal Safari Equipment

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Rick OBrien interviews Pete from Hannibal Safari Equipment. The team at Hannibal Safari Equipment are committed to providing Canvas products that exceed the expectation of our customers in all environments. Check out their range here: