4WD Supa Centre takes on Roo Systems

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4WD Supa Centre has stepped out on their own as the newest players in the 4WD exhaust scene. Teamed up with Berklee exhaust, here is what they have to say about the new Domin8r Exhaust System

From the 4WD Supa Centre website:

Finally! A high performance, heavy duty exhaust system designed especially for turbo diesel 4WDs and off road use.

The new Domin8r 4WD exhausts by Berklee are Australian made in Ballarat, VIC. Berklee’s 52 years of exhaust manufacturing and design combined with decades of off road experience to bring 4WDers a purpose built exhaust for more power and torque, better fuel economy, long life, and a tough sound.

We looked at all the 4WD exhausts on the market and saw an opportunity to make big improvements. See how this new premium Domin8r by Berklee exhaust system ticks all the boxes.

– premium 409 grade thick walled stainless steel, This is the perfect grade stainless for 4WD exhausts. 409 is the same as expensive vehicle manufacturers use because it is more durable and can stretch and flex under the heat and vibration stress. It can be welded with most welders in the bush and offers excellent rust protection and heat dissipation properties. We use stainless hi flow catalytic converters and 409 stainless mufflers as well.

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    who I contact to complain about 4wd supacentre after sales service.

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